My Inner Critic Hates Peterborough

You are not alone. For most of your journey through life you have carried a stowaway. It’s the voice inside your head. The one that criticises, judges and keeps you small. Do you know the […]
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Leadership training doesn’t work!

About 10 years ago, I was pitching a leadership programme to a global head of HR at a tech company when she leant forward, with a mixture of amusement and malice, and said loudly “I […]
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Nothing is going to stop us!

What do you do when someone you really like insists on behaving in a way you can see is dull, unproductive and generally a waste of time and energy? I feel that about people who […]
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Motivating the “unmotivable”

“What do you do when you manage someone who is unmotivatable?” I was asked this question by Tim, a senior manager on a Talking Ape workshop on High Performing Teams. He described his direct report, […]
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An Uncomfortable Truth

I’m often quite surprised just how bad a lot of the presentations that I watch are. There you are, I’ve said it. I don’t like saying it and it’s meant as a curious observation rather […]
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Difficult Conversations

Picture the scenario. Clare has recently been promoted into her first management position. Within a few weeks she notices that Simon is under-performing and distracted. Her attempts to talk to him are met with hostility. […]
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