When time is short, stakes are high and emotions run deep, most people in the workplace will avoid dealing with issues around crossed boundaries or unmet expectations. Often, this results in handing over the problem to HR. Situations that are avoided or dealt with poorly can lead to lost productivity, low morale, absence and even grievance procedures – all costly & stressful.

The ability to have a “courageous conversation” is a key factor to being successful in the modern workplace. Let’s face it, it’s easier to work with someone who communicates clear expectations and boundaries and finds a way to reach consensus. But what happens when things break down and emotions get in the way? How do you broach difficult topics and express concerns? This one-day course one for staff and one for managers will help you build that self-awareness and give you techniques for communicating when the situation gets stressful or when people are angry. It looks at what happens when the brain moves into “threat” mode and gives you tools and techniques on how to plan, remain calm and communicate effectively during a courageous conversation. Key to the course will be helpful conversations that help build trust and motivate people to avoid the need for courageous conversations.

This cutting-edge brain-based workshop will create a safe space to allow learners to feel more in control when having challenging conversations: where difficult behaviour & situations can be addressed without emotions taking over. Most of all it will give you the confidence to take responsibility for difficult conversations and make your life easier as a result.

What you’ll be able to do after this course:

  • Recognize the long-term advantages of having difficult conversations.
  • Recognize your own barriers and what prevents you from dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
  • Understanding your brain and what happens when you move into “threat state.”
  • Strategies for overcoming fears around difficult conversations.
  • Develop clarity around what you want from the conversation and how to think “what’s in it for them.”
  • Giving appreciative and constructive feedback
  • Plan and practice having a difficult conversation

 Costs: Half-day workshops priced at £875 plus vat.
If the workshops are taking place outside of London we ask for two workshops to take place on one day (morning and afternoon.)