How do you feel when you learn you have to deliver a presentation? Does it tie your stomach in knots? Or does it depend on the audience or whether you know your content?

Delivering clear and memorable presentations is one of the hardest but most satisfying skills in today’s workplace. This one-day workshop will give you techniques to overcome your fears and find your authentic voice to present with confidence. It gives  you simple tools and techniques to help you structure, deliver and connect with your audience. You will also receive feedback on your strengths and what you need to improve. All your presentations will be filmed and given to you on a USB stick.

What you’ll be able to do when you’ve been on this course:
  • Structure your presentation around the key message.
  • Feel confident about preparing a presentation.
  • Use storytelling to engage your audience.
  • Have effective strategies for dealing with nerves.
  • Use the latest tips from scientific research on how to maintain an audience’s attention.
  • Be confident in handling an audience’s questions.
  • Use visual aids to support presentations rather than distract the audience
  • Receive feedback on your true abilities from the delegates, the facilitator and your own video.

If you,  your team or your organisation might benefit from Talking Ape’s Effective Presentation Skills – contact us here to explore dates and prices.