If you want to be successful in a large organisation you have to be able to influence others. Not just your line manager but also stakeholders and people you have no direct authority over. This workshop shows you how to build relationships and gain co-operation from those who command resources, information or the support you need. You’ll complete a Hay Group Influencing Skills questionnaire and understand your preferred influencing style and how to flex to gain more influence. Working with real-life examples, it encourages delegates to negotiate using the currencies people value most and practice assertive communication to achieve what they need.

What you’ll be able to do when you’ve been on this course:
  • Understand and recognises the different influencing styles and ways to influence and motivate colleagues.
  • Practice assertive conversation and non-verbal communication when making requests and establishing expectations.
  • Practice having difficult conversations when things are not working
  • Understand your line manager’s motivations and expectations and learn how to align your needs with theirs and that of the business.

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