Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion values

Talking Ape have learnt the value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion over the years, we have constantly adapted to the needs of the participants and values of our clients.

We look to work to ensure we promote an organisation’s DEI values, to include the different perspectives of the participants and ensure our messages and language promote equity and diversity. We strive to create a learning environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued. We take any complaints of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination by any participants very seriously. We monitor the make-up of our trainers to ensure we have a balance of age, sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion or belief to encourage equality, diversity and inclusion.



Thoughts, ideas and perspectives of all individuals matter.

Talking Ape builds a psychologically safe container to meet the needs of our participants so the feel safe to be, think and share. Most of our associates are female and one male from a British Asian heritage. Our aim is to be non-judgemental around the identity of our participants whatever their ethnicity, sex, gender identification, sexuality, neurodiversity or learning needs.


Multiple identities represented in our facilitators and accepted in the room.

Our programmes will reference significant leaders in the scientific community. We use a mixture of examples from female leaders (esp. Jennifer Doudna, Rachel Carson) and ethnically diverse leaders (Herman Branson. pivotal for deciphering the structure of DNA.)


Constantly and consistently recognizing and redistributing power.

We pay particular attention to the preferred pronouns of our participants and we ensure that we use gender neutral language.