Management Development

Help your staff to create lasting impact.

Let’s be honest, managing people in this business environment can be challenging. It’s not just Covid, Brexit and juggling family and work but it’s an uncertain future for many businesses. This uncertainty has made it more difficult to communicate, influence or deliver on expectations. More than ever our managers need support. Our series of management development programmes delivered virtually or face-to-face support for young or experienced managers. We offer them help in developing a fresh mindset and offering a range of valuable skills, tools and techniques across a range of topics. Each programme can be delivered as a full day or half-day and has three crucial stages.

  • Precourse: A questionnaire to answer and return with some pre-reading and focused digital learning.
  • The Programme: Key content and a commitment at the end from each person to try a “safe-to-fail experiment.” (Try a new behaviour or technique).
  • Follow up: Usually conducted by their line manager or as an Action Learning Set to report on the experiments and what was learnt. We particularly focus on how this new mindset/skills are impacting the business and what is needed to make these behaviours a habit.
Talking Ape

I thought that you were a fantastic facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt a lot about myself and about other influencing styles that I feel I can now put into practice going forward.

– EM Pentland Brands

Talking Ape

“Since starting the course I obtained promotion. I believe that without MIA this would not have happened so quickly. I had the confidence to push for it.

For me, the course gave me more than I expected it to. It gives you a great awareness of your personality and the limitations that gives you and how to work with it and push the boundaries alongside others.

James is such a good trainer and you feel that he is genuinely interested in your progress and development as a leader.

James is really wonderful facilitator and provided a really safe environment to be vulnerable and honest.”

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