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Enquire about our 121 coaching packages for executive and talent development.

Enquire about our 121 coaching sessions by qualified coaches, helping you understand yourself and what you need to change.

What many organisations are becoming increasingly aware of is that 121 coaching changes lives. Enquire about our 121 coaching packages with qualified coaches, helping people build self-awareness, recognise what they need to change and get better results.

Association for Coaching

Our Zoom of face-to-face executive coaching is structured in phases.

Pre-programme questionnaire understanding key questions understanding purpose, outcomes and obstacles.

Lumina Learning Splash Psychometric

First session
  • Contracting (Reading, meditation, habits, journal and accountability)
  • Discovering the first 18 years and crucial patterns of behaviour
  • Lumina  looking at big picture “splash.”
  • We now offer Lumina Coach, an online tool to help bring the Lumina Splash alive with better graphics and interactive tools.
  • Alignment and clarity on outcomes (Lumina recommendations, first 18 years and questionnaires.)
  • Safe experiments
Second session
  • Going deeper into Lumina. Personas, suppressions, implications
  • Immunity To Change (competing commitment, assumptions)
  • Self-compassion and how to cultivate it
  • Managing emotions  Journey to Composure
  • Neuroscience of habit change and triggers
  • Safe experiments
Future sessions
  • Check in on habits/Accountability
  • Immunity To Change
  • Transpersonal exploration

“I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.”

– John Russell MD of Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd

“James has an extremely deep knowledge of effective communication and leadership with a particular talent for bringing these out in people he works with. Extremely personable, James is able to quickly build the crucial rapport needed to allow people to discover their own strengths. I would highly recommend James and he has always been a pleasure to work with.”

– C.W. Senior IT Manager of Mars

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