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LEADERSHIP Team Coaching with a difference.

Let’s be honest these days, most executive teams face unprecedented levels of complexity, stress and change and it can be both exhausting and frustrating.

Leaders nowadays have many identities, sit on many teams and cross-functional projects. They have to perform and transform a business in parallel: Very often they do not see themselves as a team.

Despite this polarities and pressure, organisations still have huge expectations around performance and results. That’s why we see a great deal of burnout.

Transformation and culture change requires time to think and yet there is never enough time. Ironically most of the research shows that high performance only occurs if teams prioritize that time together. Time to connect, build trust, think strategically, have difficult conversations and take action.

So how do you spend that time together? It has to be more than energizers and building pasta towers.

Talking Ape executive team coaching helps teams get clarity on the four building blocks of high performance.

  • Clarity on strategy
  • Honest conversations embedded in trust.
  • Deep commitments to “experiment,” to try new ways of working.
  • Radical accountability.

Albert Einstein’s famous quote “you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” has never been more accurate in teams today. Senior teams need to challenge themselves to think systemically. They need to balance working in the system as well as working on the system. The research is clear. To achieve this requires a change in mindset and not just adopting new behaviours. Teams need to upgrade to a new operating system that allows them to be present and to know how to move forward in complexity, bringing the rest of the organisation with them.

Team work

Are you asking yourself these questions and what actions are you taking?

Building blocks

The Building Blocks

  • Strategy
  • Trust
  • Mindset
  • Courageous conversations
  • Values
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • System thinking
  • Commitments and accountability

What teams gain after working with us?


Where do we come from, where are we now and where are we going. What are the internal and external barriers will get in our way?


We use the Lumina Learning Splash psychometric, one of the best tools on the market. Credible (based on the “Big Five” research) easy to use (with a floor mat, app and portal) and effective (allows individuals and teams to understand their strengths and areas of development.)


Build a safe container for team members to be open, honest and vulnerable. The more the team trust each other, the more can function with speed and safety. This can often lead to COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS, conversations that get to the heart of the issue, around how you work together or how you hold each other accountable. We can also create team VALUES to help the team understand how they work together.


To develop Conscious Leaders. Our container allows the explorations of new ways of making meaning and seeing the world. We use technologies like “Immunity To Change” to help leaders build a self-awareness and new ways of seeing the world especially noticing systems, polarities and our own accountability.


Generate an energy around collaboration and partnership in stakeholder relationships, raising the profile of the team and understanding their priorities.


We only work with teams that commit to and are held accountable to try new behaviours (what we call experiments) and ways of working. E.g. Develop strategies around your meeting culture, decision rights, stakeholder influence and how to bring along the teams below.

How we engage

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