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“This course is without doubt the best professional development course I have ever attended. The concepts were really accessible and engaging. I found the Lumina personality elements really interesting and a great way to start understanding yourself better and to decode others.”
Manager Wellcome Sanger Institute

Leadership Development

Help your leaders change their habits, behaviour and results.

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Help your staff with their presentations or their influence.

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Enquire about our 121 coaching packages for executive and talent development

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Lumina Team Days

Develop psychological safety in your teams for better results.

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LEADERSHIP Team Coaching with a difference.

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Have we become addicted to meetings?

If you want to change a culture, change your meetings “We don’t know how to stop” “I have given up hope that anything could be any different.” “We can handle it.”   Sometimes when people talk about their meetings, they sound like addicts. I wonder if post-lockdown meetings have quietly and firmly got out of control….

March 18, 2024
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Finding your voice. Speaking up in meetings

A number of people recently have asked questions in our leadership programmes about the difficulties of speaking up in meetings. Either because they are new, inexperienced or maybe have a more introverted preference. It can be nerve-wracking sitting there worrying you are not making an impact. What are some of the habits and mindsets of…

December 12, 2022
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We have ways of making you talk. The fear of difficult conversations.

When it comes to leadership, what are the situations that cause leaders the most discomfort? After 15 years of facilitating leadership programmes, I would guess it’s having a difficult or a courageous conversation. Courageous conversation can be described as when time is short, stakes are high and emotions run deep, when our imaginations and inner…

July 27, 2022
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