Leadership Development

Help your leaders change their habits, behaviour and results.

“Most psychologists agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management. Rather, it’s their internal “action logic”—how they interpret their surroundings and react when their power or safety is challenged. “ William Torbert

Our leadership programmes are famed for being liberating, life-changing and focused on behaviour change. We take a group of leaders and help them bond into a supporting group that help each other take on the demands and privileges of leadership. We base our programmes on four pillars:

  1. Psychometric Testing (Lumina Spark) Using one of the most advanced psychometrics in the world the Lumina spark helps leaders build awareness of their personas, preferences and how they differ to others.
  2. Emotional Intelligence- The backbone of our workshops. We help leaders build awareness of what his happening to them emotionally and how they react in difficult situations. We use the latest neuroscience and the concept of  “action logic” to help leaders understand how emotions in the brain and the body impact their behaviour in real life. We give your leaders control and choice.
  3. Action Learning- From the beginning of the programme we help leaders understand the value of Action Learning Sets. We show them the power of being vulnerable and how every problem can be solved by a group. These action learning groups are designed to be a permanent legacy of the programme.
  4. Habit forming. Using the latest psychological insights we look at habit forming and the concept of “immunity to change.” Through one-to-one coaching we help delegates form new habits and drive new pathways of behaviour

We are currently delivering leadership programmes at Mitie and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

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