Dare to Delegate

Talking Ape
“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. All the time though, you have to remember, whilst you can delegate authority, you cannot delegate responsibility.”

– Byron Dorgan

One of the most valued mindsets and skills of any leader is the ability and inclination to delegate tasks.

The failure to let go and let others do the tasks, can be harmful to the leader, to the business and to the team members morale, development, and motivation. This one-day or half-day programme helps managers understand what stops them delegating and develops the fine art of how to delegate so you both parties win, there is less stress and leads to better outcomes.

The programme looks at why, what, when and how you should delegate. Using the latest psychometric we look at how delegation is always a two-way process. We look at how to delegate to different personality types as well as working out what stops you delegating yourself. We look at Situational Leadership and the language required depending on what is being delegated to whom and why.

We also ask participants to commit to experiments after the programme to see what works and what doesn’t. By the end of the workshop participants will be convinced that good delegation saves you time, improves productivity, saves you stress, develops your people, grooms a successor and motivates your team.


  • Learn how to delegate tasks & projects with confidence. How to let go of certain duties whilst remaining in control.
  • Discover a proven delegation process to build trust and improve teamwork
  • Learn the Situational Leadership model to assess the confidence and competence before delegating.
  • Identify the difference between delegating projects & dumping.
  • Using a psychometric personality preference model, identify how to delegate to different personalities and recognizing theirs and your own “barriers to delegation.”
  • Why effective communication is critical to successful delegation.

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