Decision-making during Uncertainty

Using the Cynefin Model we look at understanding the difference between Complex and Complicated and how to make decisions

Decision-making during Uncertainty

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“In the complex environment of the current business world, leaders often will be called upon to act against their instincts. They will need to know when to share power and when to wield it alone, when to look to the wisdom of the group and when to take their own counsel. A deep understanding of context, the ability to embrace complexity and paradox, and a willingness to flexibly change leadership style will be required for leaders who want to make things happen in a time of increasing uncertainty.”

– Dave Snowden

It’s not just change that is challenging, it’s making decisions during change too

The current business world has never been so fast moving, uncertain and ambiguous. So being a leader in this world requires a lot of critical decisions, often without the crucial and clarity and data. This webinar examines how leaders can juggle multiple demands and achieve results when you face situations that require a variety of decisions and responses.

Much of the psychology now points to managers making errors because of assumptions they make around a level of predictability and order that exists in the world. This workshop helps leaders broaden their traditional approach to leadership and decision making and form a new perspective based on complexity science. Using three acclaimed models Daniel Kahneman System 1 and System 2, Lumina Learning (or DISC) psychometrics and the Cynefin framework this webinar helps leaders build awareness, manage their emotions and know how to act flexibly depending on the circumstances.


  • How to apply Daniel Kahneman System 1 and System 2 thinking to avoid assumptions and biases.
  • Learning to recognise and take advantages of both systems. Develop curiosity, overcome biases and have a strategy to be effective when “triggered.”
  • Apply the Cynefin model to identify and make decisions with situations when they are simple, complicated, complex, chaotic and disordered.
  • Understand the ideas behind agile and creating safe-to-fail experiments
  • Understand the psychometric aspect and how your preference can be a strength and a disadvantage
Talking Ape

“Thought this was a great course – the pace, timing and flow kept me engaged and the trainer ensured that there was lots of discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences. I would highly recommend this to other managers.”

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