Managing Remote Teams

How to make remote working work!

Managing Remote Teams

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“Whether to extend their talent pool, appeal to a younger workforce, or for sustainability, my prediction is that the term ‘virtual manager’ will have a short shelf-life. All management will be, at least in part, virtual.”

– Kristi Hedges

In the current business climate leaders face a considerable challenge in leading and managing teams across significant geographical distances.

But the essential aspects of leadership requirements are still required. Leaders still need to communicate a clear vision, build trust and motivate and grow individual team members. All of this has to be done through a myriad of technology. This webinar addresses how to lead a remote team and fulfil all these obligations by maintaining psychological safety and morale across different personality styles (from those feeling isolated to those feeling overwhelmed.) It also looks at how to build trust and performance across distances and helps leaders focus on the key skills and mindsets required for leading remotely. Finally, how to look for signs of overextension, fatigue or isolation.


  • Creating a set of team values to live and work by remotely
  • Understanding the Lumina Splash personality and working styles and how they impact team performance (both positively and negatively.) How to get the most out of them remotely
  • How to run successful team meetings so that spirit and morale are lifted
  • How to have three crucial conversations. A conversation around remote leadership/followership. A conversation around developmental feedback. A conversation when the situation is challenging.
  • Techniques for creating and maintaining trust
  • How to recognise signs where team members are struggling, isolated or down. How to have a proper “check-in” with Level 5 listening.

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