Mastering Presentation Skills

Whether face-to-face or virtually we help managers master the ABC of presenting. Audiences. Breathing. Clarity of Message.

Mastering Presentation Skills

Talking Ape
“There are three things to aim at in presentations, first to get into your subject then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly to get your subject into the heart of your audience.”

– Alexander Gregg

We believe in our hearts that there is no reason for a poor presentation.

Yes, they can be nerve-wracking and yes, they take some effort, but all good presenters have the same key habits, preparation, focus, clarity, connection and breathing. Our highly recommended and sought after, one-day workshop has been running since 2008 helping delegates prepare, structure and deliver clear and memorable presentations. We are one of the few organisations that has managed to combine cutting edge neuroscience, strong facilitation and practical tools to help delegates present better in public.

We show delegates how understanding your own brain can be key to changing your habits, managing your nerves and connecting with the audience. We make it accessible and don’t overload our delegates with theory and data. We develop a strong rapport with delegates getting to the route of their challenges. Our programmes are highly interactive, fun, use a mixture of experiential-based exercises and are focused on real-life scenarios.

Delegates are standing up speaking, taking part in exercises or reflecting/structuring for 80% of the course.


  • Learn the ABC model of where to put your focus. Audience. Breathing and Clarity of Message
  • Understand anxiety and nerves through the latest neuroscience, Lumina overextension and psychological concepts such as “Spotlight Effect.”
  • Structure your presentation around your key message.
  • The value of storytelling to an audience to help them remember, build trust and move into action.
  • Be confident in handling an audience’s questions.
  • Use visual aids to support presentations rather than distract the audience
  • Watch the audience’s reaction to you. How much engagement are you creating?
  • Receive feedback on your strengths and areas of development from the delegates, the facilitator and your own video.

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