Resilience and Sustaining High Performance

How to manage your emotions in four domains so you sustain high performance

Resilience and Sustaining High Performance

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“Each of us has a finite reservoir of energy in any given day. Whatever amount of energy we spend obsessing about missteps we have made, decisions that do not go our way or the belief we have been treated unfairly is energy no longer available to add value in the world.”

-Tony Schwartz

The big question in the modern business world is how do you remain resilient and sustain high performance in the face of mounting pressures, over-communication and rapid change.

This one-day course shows how high performance is about establishing habits that sustain energy in the four integrated areas of “the Performance Pyramid,” the mind, the body, our emotions and “spirit/purpose.” By the end of this workshop, you will be asked to draw up concrete plans for habit change to develop your “Ideal Performance State”


By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • Learnt how to create habits around your Ideal Performance State through the Performance Pyramid (Physical, Emotional, Metal and Spiritual.)
  • Understood how to draw energy from your physical state by finding the balance between stress and recovery and balancing healthy routines around exercise, diet and sleep.
  • Understood the importance of positive emotions and learnt a five-step process for Emotional reliance.
  • Learnt how resilience plays out in the aspects of personality preferences.
  • Learnt how to maintain focus and the peak environmental conditions to succeed.
  • Developed a strategy around your deepest values and sense of purpose.
  • Understood how to develop a new habit and employ willpower to succeed.

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