The Art and Science of Influencing

How to influence a range of different personalities in a range of different ways.

The Art and Science of Influencing

Talking Ape
“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret.”

– Salvador Dali


This workshop unpicks the fundamentals of influencing and enables attendees to explore, understand and enhance your influence on others whether they be senior, junior or at peer level. Delegates will learn a core model to understand how influencing plays out in human psychology. You will understand how personality preferences drive a significant, and often unseen, role in influencing. You will also develop strategies for being at your best by managing your emotions. Finally, delegates will complete a Korn Ferry Influencing Skills questionnaire to understand your key preferences. At the heart of this workshop is “the golden compass.” Combining the four core elements of great influencers: knowing the facts, being creative and flexible, managing the relationship and getting a mutually important outcome.


By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • Plotted a “influencing network” to help understand who you have to influence.
  • Understood how to manage your emotional network and “inner critic” during influencing.
  • Understood how to create time to think purposefully about what you want, what your stakeholders want and how best to communicate it.
  • Understand a basic human psychometric model and the different preferences.
  • Understood and recognized the Korn Ferry influencing styles, how they relate to human psychometrics and practiced being flexible to influence your colleagues.
  • Practiced assertive conversation and non-verbal communication when making requests and establishing expectations.
  • Practiced in Action Learning Sets.
Talking Ape

“The workshop with you must be the best workshop I’ve attended. The content and takeaways really “hit home” and I am actually looking forward to being able to implement the learnings in both my professional life and personal life.”

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