Talking Apes Leadership programme is winning plaudits

  • Posted by: James Marshall
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For the past two years Talking Ape has been running a leadership programme at the Wellcome  Sanger Institute, one of the world’s most important genomics and genetics institutes. Our leadership programme has four pillars at its foundation, action learning, psychometrics, emotional intelligence and habit change. Each cohort joins an action learning set and is challenged to keep it going forever. It’s been such a success that WSI have now offered our programme as SEED to a number of biotech companies on the same campus.


We believe in our psychometric assessment so much, we’ll give you a freebie

Talking Ape has used many psychometrics over the years, but none has impressed as much as Lumina Learning’s Spark. It is the next generation psychometric Instrument, scientifically credible, flexible and moves away from stereotyping and “boxing people in” to treating them as individuals with dynamic and messy personalities. It is a model that embraces and champions our individuality, building self-awareness and inspiring you to be the best you can be. It also comes with an app which is revolutionising the industry.

The first 10 people in senior HR or L&D positions, or if you have a training budget, that applies to me, can have a free assessment that normally sells for £125.

Luminar Spark Psychometric

Author: James Marshall